STEVE MARCH-TORMÉ: Creating a legacy of his own

May 30, 2023 Jasper Guitar Company, LLC Season 1 Episode 31
STEVE MARCH-TORMÉ: Creating a legacy of his own
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Show Notes

Steve March-Tormé is not only an incredible musical talent, but what he has accomplished in his life is simply inspiring. In the first of this two-part interview, SMT shares about how being a New York Yankees fan and listening to their games led him to persue a career in music. Although he's the son of Mel Tormé and stepson of Hal March (host of "The $64,000 Question"), he hasn't relied on his surname to get him to where he's at today. Steve's drive and determination to be his own man while still honoring the name he bears is what sets him apart both in the music business and in life. So sit back and enjoy SMT, his story, and his music.

"A Night At The Zoo" performed by Steve March-Tormé
written by Steve March-Tormé
℗ 2009 Go Daddy Music. Used with permission of Steve March-Tormé.

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